Effective Techniques to Build Email Lists

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Published on: May 25, 2017 |


Email Marketing is crucial to master for every business owner in today’s digital world. One of the initial steps to implement it is learning how to build an email list, which may seem like a daunting task at first. But once you get the ball rolling, a comprehensive email list is one of the best marketing assets your company can have.

Here are proven effective techniques which you can put to use to build a detailed email list and take your email marketing to the next level –

Provide Sign-Up Options

One of the most straightforward ways to collect emails is to make sure your website has enough locations that capture the contact details of the visitors. Having multiple locations for email opt-in options will only increase your conversion chances.

Though in order to develop a level of trust with the visitors, you need to be transparent about what the email address would be used for. In this way, they know exactly what they are opting for.

Export Contacts from Social Media Accounts

Very few people are aware of the fact that social media accounts can be used to export email addresses of your connections and kickstart the process of building your email marketing list. The most influential platform that can be used here is LinkedIn. If you have an active LinkedIn account with a bunch of connections, you already have a list to get you going. Read this for a step by step guide on how to do so.

Focus on Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the process to attract customers to your services through a targeted approach. Hence, the content that is created for your business acts as an asset. You can barter it with the people visiting your website for their contact details. The key here is to curate content that will be consumed by the masses. To do so, you need to offer value through your content so that readers find it worthy enough to share their contact details. For example – sharing a free resourceful ebook to email subscribers which they might not find elsewhere.

Run Paid Campaigns on Social Media

Creating a perfect landing page to capture emails and marketing those pages on social media via paid advertising campaigns works better than you might think.

The whole strategy rests on two factors – how well those landing pages are optimized to capture emails and how enticing your social media adverts are to click on. Moreover, these campaigns can also be in the form of contests where readers have to register themselves to be eligible to win the prize. It all depends on how well the campaign can lure clicks.

Using Automated Chat Applications

A good way to capture the emails of website visitors is by integrating automated chat applications on your website. These applications pop up on a designated side of the window (usually bottom right) after the visitor has spent a specified period of time on that particular landing page. They usually start with automated conversations like “How may I help you?” and then urge the visitor to share their email in order to take the conversation ahead.

How to find an email address with 90% accuracy?

It is not enough to focus on curating an extensive email list. The most important step is to find valid email addresses that you can actually send emails to. Here are some ways in which you can find authentic email addresses or verify them for validity –

Scraping through the contact page of the target company’s website is an easy method to make a list of authentic emails for you to pitch your services. Though one flip side of this method is that it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare such a list.

If you already have a pool of email addresses, it is crucial to check for their validity. One way to do this is to use trusted email verification websites.

Taking educated guesses and then using email validation tools is also an acceptable strategy to build your email list. The key here is to find one email address of the company that reveals the general format of their email addresses. For example, you find that an employee of the company has an email ID in the format – “”

Using this structure, you can simply plug in the first name of your target and verify its authenticity online before sending the email.

  1. Try to Google the contact details of your target using the following formats –
  • [Name] + [Location]
  • [Name] + [Company Name]
  • [Name] + [Contact Number]
  • [Name] + [Company Website]

There are high chances that Google will return a page with the full contact details of the target if they have been indexed.

Disadvantages of Irrelevant Email Lists

To say that email marketing can bring you scores of business leads would be an understatement. But there are some threats that you need to be wary of while implementing it.

Analytics play a major role when it comes to inspecting the success of an email campaign. Hence, it becomes crucial that your email list is relevant enough to make the analytics reports reflect the true nature of the campaign.

Consider a scenario where most of the emails in your list are of prospects who do not have the decision-making power in their hands. Hence, this adversely affects the CTR and conversion rate of the campaign. Now the analytics report may make you think that you need to tweak your marketing strategies when the real fault lies with the quality of the email addresses that you have collected.

To help you steer clear of such marketing disasters, Clodura has come up with the perfect solution. We provide you with an authentic and unlimited list of contact details of prospects that you can pursue. Along with this, Clodura has the ability to send scheduled automated personalized emails to your targets. Such automation in sales takes a lot of operational workload off your workforce and increases efficiency and lead closure ratios. Moreover, it is also possible to track your customers in real time with live data so that you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

Divyaprasad Pande is Marketing Director of Clodura.AI He has more than 12 years of experience in marketing, having worked in various leadership roles for various companies. He is passionate about driving business growth and success through strategic marketing initiatives to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and support the sales team in achieving revenue goals. With a strong background in marketing and experience in the tech industry.

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