How To Become a Successful Salesperson

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Apr 29 2022


A Sales job is no easy task, and there is a lot more science to it than what meets the eye. A good salesperson is someone who offers more than an excellent pitch. They are persistent, empathetic, and know how to handle rejection.

The focus shifts to three key aspects when we speak about B2B sales. From generating leads to setting up meetings and finally converting them into sales, that's the gist of B2B sales. A person who can master these nuanced aspects can make their way to become a sales superhero.

Generating Quality Sales Prospects:

The advent of technology has undoubtedly opened many digital doors for B2B salespersons. Before approaching a prospect, the salesperson can go information digging to increase the chances of conversion. They can get insights into what services the prospect might be interested in and tailor their responses accordingly while initiating an email marketing campaign. has transformed the way lead generation works. It accumulates sales intelligence information from a plethora of sources and gives actionable insights for customizable sales triggers by utilizing its AI capabilities. This makes a sales job a lot more simpler and effective when it comes to generating quality leads.

This guide will give you a deeper understanding of how one can become a more compelling salesperson. Some important aspects are:

1.Know What You Are Selling

By having a sound understanding of the service/product being sold, a sales representative has a significantly better chance to close the deal.

A sound accent and a charismatic personality will bring a prospect to the door. But for the client to honestly believe in the product, you must do your homework.

2.Identify Your Customer

Once the groundwork is completed it is important to identify the target audience you need to cater to. To identify your target customer, you need to start mapping out an ideal buyer persona. An ideal buyer persona is a perfect customer who would be the best fit for the solutions you provide. Understanding these buyers can help you better understand their motives, any problems they may have, and how your product/service may address them.

One such platform that helps to ace this strategy is It provides the best Total Addressable Market (TAM) and uses the most advanced search filters to discover companies and decision-makers. This sales intelligence platform makes it convenient for you to identify target accounts and contacts that have great potential value.

3.Be a Team Player

After identifying your target profiles, it is important to join forces with the different departments in your organization**.** A salesperson alone cannot rake in enough revenue for a company. A team environment is exceptionally critical for the success of a company. According to research, the top two reasons for company failures are a lack of collaboration or communication, cited by 86% of employees.

A company requires a team of sales superheroes who will collaborate, and share tips and strategies to drive the desired results.

4.Pick On Similar Interests

Now, that you have collaborated with the different teams and gained insights, it's time to get the ball rolling.

You can initiate the conversation with a topic you have come across while researching. It can be a new product/service being launched by the prospect's company. This has the potential to lure them to the fact that how both companies' interests are aligned, and a new partnership can be beneficial.

A key thing to remember is not to pitch about the company's offerings excessively and prolong the duration of the call. The call can end with you suggesting a specific time for when the meeting can be scheduled to take the conversation further. If the prospect rejects the proposed time, immediately suggest an alternative day and time to schedule the meeting.

5.Practice Active Listening

During the meeting, be an avid listener. This will help you utilize the information spoken by the client during a conversation to curate a customized pitch.

According to a recent study, the most successful sales discovery calls uncover three to four problems that clients face. Active listening enables you to identify and begin to solve your client's problems.

6.Know When to Move on

Many times, a sales representative can come across leads who are apprehensive at the time of closing the deal. This is where lead recycling comes in; it is the process of passing the lead from sales back to the marketing team. In this way, the hesitant lead stays warm, and you can focus your energy on customers who are ready to move forward.

7.Refer to Earn Referrals

In case a lead is apprehensive about taking up your service/product, don’t get bogged down. You can always ask for a referral who might become a prospect. With one door closing, another always opens.

78% of B2B marketers say that referrals generate good or excellent leads. The best way to get a referral is by giving one. If you know someone who might be interested in the product or service your client offers, refer them. For all you know, you might as well gain one too!

The other strategy you can implement is simply asking for one introduction every day. This helps in broadening your prospect list and converting some of them into potential leads.

Final Thoughts:

The B2B selling environment in the modern age has transitioned. Prospects no longer come to sellers; instead, it is the seller's responsibility to find them. A successful career in B2B sales is challenging and requires a wide range of specialized skills. However, if you want to improve your chances, keep our 7 suggestions in mind.

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