7 Incredibly Effective Marketing Hacks

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Apr 22 2022


The world of marketing can be undeniably complex and the B2B marketing scene, in particular, is brimming with a plethora of challenges.

Selling to another business can be much trickier than selling to an individual customer. Decisions in the B2B industry go beyond just personal preferences; it involves a long-term commitment between entire organizations. In this environment, persuading potential clients can be an immensely difficult ordeal.

Considering the numerous challenges in the industry, from generating potential leads to locating target audiences, let’s take a closer look at 7 incredibly effective marketing hacks to ease your B2B marketing journey

Customize and Personalize

As times become increasingly competitive, customization has emerged as an integral aspect of ensuring customer satisfaction. Generic offerings no longer appeal to clients as the requirements notably vary from business to business. Especially in the B2B landscape where the product or service you provide needs to cater to another enterprise’s specific goals and ideas, customization is essential.

Furthermore, personalization can be leveraged to go beyond just the products or services you provide. Sophisticated lead-generation platforms, such as Clodura.AI, can help you locate accurate client and company data to create personalized outreaches guided by sales intelligence.

To show your loyal clients that your organization truly cares, personalizing gifts and letters can be a highly effective marketing strategy. In a largely digital world, sending handwritten notes can forge a stronger bond and make a monumental difference.

Leverage Email Marketing

Email marketing is by no means a recent trend; it has been around for several years. Today it is estimated that 99% of email users check their email every day, some as much as 20 times a day! It’s often the first thing people do online.

The reason email marketing finds itself on this list in 2022 is that emerging B2B enterprises tend to forget how effective it actually is. Email marketing has excellent ROI in the B2B realm where emails are the most widely used form of communication.

According to recent reports, 87% of B2B enterprises use some form of email marketing. Considering the number of businesses that already utilize email services, creating an email list can be the low-investment strategy that connects you to your target audiences. Due to the ease of use and the ability to quickly forward emails between audience members, this can be the perfect hack for your B2B company.

Gamify Your Engagement

Gamification is one of the more modern techniques utilized in the growth hacking space. By leveraging in-game elements such as leaderboards, trophies, and prizes, your enterprise can tremendously increase overall online engagement.

Furthermore, gamification allows you to collect client data that can be utilized to enhance customer experience. Several enterprises, especially in the sector of education, include gamification techniques in their marketing strategies.

Collaborate to Elaborate

Achieving continuous success in the B2B industry requires a high level of collaboration between businesses. By working together with other organizations in the same field, you can create a stronger network and appeal to a much larger audience. Networking with business peers enables your enterprise to generate promising leads and stronger referrals.

Similarly, your enterprise should strongly consider collaborating with experts and influencers within the industry. Not only does this allow you to reach more potential patrons, but also provides your company with a platform to perfectly elaborate your products and services.

Utilize the Power of Videos

An astonishing 82.5% of all web traffic is predicted to be attributed to online video content by 2022. Modern B2B businesses can leverage the power that videos hold to tell compelling stories and reach target clients more effectively.  In our world of lightning-quick internet connections, a video can be easily accessed, viewed, and forwarded to convey messages with newfound ease.

Taking the idea of video marketing a step further, companies can live stream their ideas and products to potential clients in real-time. With popular social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram providing this feature, companies can utilize this hack to attract new targets.

Create Helpful Free Tools

In sales and marketing, there is nothing that customers love more than products or services offered for free. Creating an online tool that caters to the needs of your target audience can be an incredibly smart strategy to generate brand awareness.

A prominent example is the marketing suite, CoSchedule, which created a free-to-use Headline Analyzer. This tool allows marketers to create the ideal headlines for their articles at the simple press of a button. Not only does this massively boost your target audience engagement but, also establishes trust with potential customers.

Keep Your Competition Close

Keeping your competition close is essential if you want to stay ahead of the curve in a highly competitive market environment. By analyzing the competition, and learning from their actions, you can soon be miles ahead of them - and at the forefront of the market.

A smart way to keep tabs on your competition is by following their social media pages. Popular social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram allow you to track your competitor’s social activities such as promotions, ads, and engagements. This low-effort, cost-efficient growth hack can yield massive benefits for your company.

Final Thoughts

The many complexities of the B2B industry can make effective marketing a tremendously difficult task. But with a little homework and smart planning, your enterprise can quickly scale the ladder of success. Do not be afraid to integrate new elements into your marketing strategies. Find ways to constantly improve your marketing hacks and push for continual growth.

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