3 Incredible Benefits Of Direct-Dial Numbers

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May 26 2022


Consider that a sales executive in your organization is attempting to reach out to a specific person at a client’s company. However, they need to be rerouted using an automated phone menu or with the help of a human receptionist each time. Or, take into perspective an esteemed client trying to reach out to a specific sales manager but needs to be rerouted.

Isn’t it more convenient if there was a direct line to get a hold of this person. Now, if you’re in a similar situation, you need to take a look at direct dial numbers.

In this article, we provide an in-depth look at Direct Dial numbers,  and how an organization can benefit from them.

The Direct Dial Number Convenience

In the past, customers had to wait for ages to get connected with an appropriate sales executive or manager. The chain of passing on calls was never-ending, which led to increased frustrations and distress, ultimately losing valuable customers. The same could be said for your sales team trying to reach a decision-making designation whose number isn’t easily available. Today, things are changing rapidly. From the viewpoint of a client or customer, a direct-dial number is a lifeline that can make the customer’s journey simpler. DIDs or virtual numbers are a boon that connects directly to a specific extension or location in an organization. The shortcut telephone line can help your clients reach your officials without trying overloaded operator requests or waiting for someone to patch them through.

From a sales team perspective that knows exactly which official they need to speak with, a Direct Dial Number is a simple solution that offers return callers a personal and quick way to reach them. Bypassing the phone operator or office receptionist may seem like a small shift, but can create a substantial magnitude of changes through digital enablement- be it a customer or a sales team.

Why does my business need Direct Dial Numbers?

Your organization may be growing, but your productivity may not share the same incline. This is because as an organization expands, the officials may struggle to converse and keep each other in the loop. It also creates a communication gap or reluctance between the low to higher-up levels in the chain of command and reduces the sales to a slow trickle.

If your organization wants to empower the sales associates to reach out and make those deals fearlessly, you need to get them access to Cloudura’s direct-dial integrations. Wondering what is the margin of benefit experienced? Let’s take a look at the next section.

What are the benefits of Direct Dial Numbers?

There are several customer-centric as well as internal advantages of direct dial numbers. However, let’s focus on the internal sales team aspect of it for the sake of clarity. Mentioned below are three such benefits that a company can immediately notice.

Saves precious time and resources

Making calls to the concerned party directly, minus the help of a receptionist or phone operator can save your sales team a lot of time. It becomes very simple to pursue leads, gather information, make pitches, and follow up with such people because they can be reached easily.

Conventionally, a sales team needs to put in several hours of searching and data mining when it comes to extracting the numbers of relevant leads if they want to make sales, especially in the B2B industry. However, Cloudura’s direct dial integration and directory of over 55 million numbers solve the problem by giving them a strong reference point and official identification.

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Encourages your sales team to reach out to higher-up designations

Most sales executives will agree that their strategies and pitches are highly effective only when they directly speak to the decision-makers in an organization. Using direct dial numbers becomes a pivotal move since this provides them the confidence to reach out to the higher designation executives rather than being bogged down by the number of times they have to try getting a hold of the decision-maker or being rejected by the reception. As per a study by Zoominfo, you’re 4-6 times more likely to make these connections if you have a direct number as it establishes a personal line of communication to network with.

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Improves your Sales Productivity

If you wish to see your sales team at the top of your game, get them all a direct dial number and watch the magic unfold. Most of the hesitation around reaching out to prospects and potential clients revolves around not having a direct line. However, once they’re equipped with their own virtual numbers to help them work more efficiently, their motivation levels would push past the roof! It also increases the level of healthy competition, boosting their spirit to work harder to close deals.

Final Words

While AI and technology have made great strides in the business world, several businesses are yet to undergo a digital transformation. However, powerful moves like getting direct dial numbers and VoIP dialing can help you enter a new paradigm of highly efficient sales, generating better revenue. Cloudura’s Direct Dial solutions have emerged as the market leader for direct-dial integrations and set-ups. They’re the perfect solutions partner to enhance lead generation, sales prospecting, and an entire ecosystem of AI-powered digitized services. With seamless integrations and ease of transition, they have the stripes to show for each formidable service in the sales-tech industry.